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Abundance Mindset and How It Affects Your Career

One Nice Job 24 September , 2018

Our thought patterns and habits have a huge impact on our success in all areas of our lives. Most dramatically we can see how our attitudes and behaviors affect our career especially if we are in a job transition.

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Events

One Nice Job 20 Aug , 2018

When news of a hiring event reaches your ears, you may be relieved. After all, if your job search has been less than successful, a hiring event sounds like a quick solution to your worries. But there are drawbacks to hiring event as well as benefits.

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How Studying After College Boosts Your Job Prospects

One Nice Job 10 Jul , 2018

Learning should be a life-long affair, not something that ends when you graduate from college or university. Following are some of the many ways that continual learning can help improve your job prospects.

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