Before Accepting a Job Offer

After sending out countless applications and resumes and having a few nerve-wracking interviews, you’ve finally heard the news that you’ve been waiting for: you’ve been offered the job. This is an extremely exciting time, but don’t act too fast. Many employers give you, at least, a day or two to make your final decision, so make sure that you take advantage of that time. Here’s what to do before accepting the job.

This is the time to ask questions. If anything at all about your job is not clear to you, make sure to bring it up with your hiring manager before you sign any legally binding contracts. Go over what time you start and end each day; how many hours you’re expected to work; if you’re allowed to work overtime; if you get any breaks and for how long; and how long your lunch hour is. Ask about how many personal days and sick days you get off each year.

Request a meeting with your future coworkers if you’d like to get to know them better before you begin working. If the hiring manager says that you have a week or two before you start your job, ask if you can come in during a slow afternoon for quick introductions or even schedule a lunch.

Make sure that your job responsibilities are clearly outlined so you have a good idea of what you’ll be doing on a daily basis. While yes, you will walk into work the first day not quite sure of where to start and you’ll need a few days to learn the ropes, you should know what your boss will eventually expect of you.

Lastly, get a firm final salary number. It’s possible that your hiring manager could have been spit-balling salaries during the interview, but now that you’re about to be officially hired, you should know exactly how much money you’ll make.

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