Family Obligations and Your Job Search

Although your job search may feel like the most important thing happening in your life right now, it is important not to forget you still have other obligations as well. It would be nice if you could entirely focus all of your attention on just looking for a new job, but the reality is you still have your life to live too. Here are a few tips on managing family obligations with your job search.

Establish Boundaries

Boundaries are for yourself as well as for your family. Make sure your family understands how much time each day you want to devote to your job search and be clear about how you wish to be respected. If you wish to not be disturbed at all during that time then say so.

Boundaries are established to help you get job search tasks accomplished, but also to help you remember when it is time to put away the job search and move on to other tasks in your life as well. This will help you remain balanced during this stressful time.

Stay Involved

You may feel very pre-occupied with finding a new job, but if you continuously take attention away from your spouse or family during this time, it will likely make them feel more needy and clingy. This is why you should make the effort to put away your job search even in your mind when it is time to focus on your family. When they know they have your full attention during the times you are spending with them, they will likely not be as demanding during times you need to devote to your job search.

Involve Your Family

If you can involve your family in your job search. Not only will this help them feel that they are being included, but they may actually help you find your next great job.

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