How to Sell Yourself as a Salesperson

A potential employer seeks certain qualities in its sales reps. A sales job interview is an opportunity for a potential employee to sell himself or herself. The formula for selling any item is to create a need, explain the benefits, and then ask for the sale. Therefore, a sales candidate needs to use the following format to sell himself or herself in an interview:

Create a Need

The potential employer will want to know why it needs the applicant. Hundreds of sales applicants apply for the same jobs. Therefore, the candidate will have to explain why company X needs him or her specifically. The person could express zest and knowledge in the company’s services, which would show that person’s ambition and willingness to conduct research. The person could also use achievements from other sales jobs as proof that he or she would be a company asset.

Explain the Benefits

The candidate could explain the benefits that he or she could provide in two ways: numbers and skills. The candidate could develop a sales plan that will show the increase that the person plans to create over the next four quarters. The person could also present customer service awards and employee of the month recognition. Such documentation would show the potential employer that it would benefit because the new salesperson would keep the customers happy.

Asking for the Sale

A candidate should ask for a job from an employer in the same fashion that he or she would ask for a sale from a potential customer. “When can I start?” may be seem too direct and demanding. A less subtle request could be something such as “I would love to start working toward increasing your numbers as quickly as possible.” The latter sentence expresses a second time that the person intends to benefit the business. At the end of the day, businesses want motivated individuals who can help them thrive.

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