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This One Trick Will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

One Nice Job 13 July , 2020

Everyone wants to reach their goals yesterday. The problem is most of us are continuing behaviors every day which actually keeps us away from our goals rather than bringing us closer to them. Here is some good news - there is one behavioral change you can make tomorrow that will immediately start bringing you closer to your goals. Keep reading to find out what that trick is. 

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3 Skills You Should Work On During COVID-19

One Nice Job 16 June , 2020

We are all spending a lot more time at home lately. If we are honest, we'd admit that not all of that time was spent productively. Now that you have adapted some to your new normal, it is time to start using that time more efficiently. Here are 3 skills you should be working on during COVID-19.

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Key Phrases to Include on CVs During COVID-19 Pandemic

One Nice Job 14 May , 2020

With all the uncertainty remaining regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are looking for different qualities while hiring. Many are, in fact, seeking candidates that display specific qualities even more than relevant work experience. Including the right keywords and phrases on your CV can make you a more attractive candidate to today’s employers.

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