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3 Skills You Should Work On During COVID-19

One Nice Job 16 June, 2020

We are all spending a lot more time at home lately. If we are honest, we'd admit that not all of that time was spent productively. Now that you have adapted some to your new normal, it is time to start using that time more efficiently. Here are 3 skills you should be working on during COVID-19.

Tech Skills

Work is switching online. Even jobs which employers always said couldn't be done remotely are suddenly being done remotely. Learning how to work efficiently in an online, remote environment is going to a very marketable skill in the post COVID-19 job market. Instead of being resistant to the new technology you are suddenly being asked to use, look at all of this as career training. You are learning new skills which are going to be necessary in the new job market and economy. Embrace the change and learn all you can about the technology companies are utilizing now. 

Communication Skills

When you cannot be face to face with employers and co-workers, communication becomes even more important. If you cannot communicate properly you will find time and resources being wasted. Everyone is struggling with the new normal right now. Don't add more complication to this by being a poor communicator. Make sure you are clearly communicating via video, texts, and emails. If you struggle in this respect, find online resources that help you polish up this most needed skill. 

Time Management Skills

Without a boss peeking over your shoulder, you might find yourself struggling with time management. Learning how to govern your own time is vital to long term success. Working on this skill will help you long after COVID-19 is a thing of the past. People who can manage their own time without supervision are far more productive and therefore successful than those who cannot. There are many apps available today which can help train you to better utilize your time. Using these apps may feel uncomfortable and weird at first, but they often prove to be an inexpensive way to teach yourself a highly marketable skill. 

Start using your time wisely and work on these important skills during COVID-19.