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Dirty Jobs That You Might Love

One Nice Job 8 August, 2022

Not everyone is cut out for an office job 9-5. If you are not scared of a little hard work and getting dirty, there are lots of exciting jobs that will keep you outside and active. Let's look at a few dirty jobs that you might actually love.


Farming, even just hobby farming, is gaining in popularity as more and more people want to take personal responsibility for their food production. Farming can be a wonderful way to reconnect with the land, create a sustainable food source, and earn an income. Connecting with local farmers is a good way to learn more about this occupation and find out if it is right for you.

Septic Systems

When you talk about dirty jobs, you literally can't get much dirtier than septic systems. Although initially there may not be anything appealing about septic work, the truth is this is a great paying job that requires very little training or credentials. Not only can you depend upon a regular paycheck, but you are also almost promised job security as communities are always in need of septic work. Many septic technicians go on to own their own companies and become very successful.

Dog Breeding/Boarding

If you are an animal lover, working with dogs can be a great career path. Dog breeding is a very profitable profession that only requires minimal training or credentials. The investment made in dog breeding is usually earned back after your first litter of puppies is sold.

Dog boarding is another great way to make money working with dogs. Once you have invested in creating a safe boarding area on your property, pet owners can depend on you to provide a great place for their animals to stay while they are away. Dog boarding entails feeding, walking, washing, and playing with animals while their owners are away.

If you just cannot see yourself stuck in a cubicle for the rest of your life, how about looking into some of these dirty, but fun jobs?