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How Soon Can I Ask For a Raise?

One Nice Job 7 April, 2022

The joys of getting a new job can quickly be squelched after you receive your first paycheck. After all the deductions, you might find that you barely have enough to pay the landlord and have a few nights out with your mates. A raise is in order, you say, but how soon can you ask for a raise since it’s a new job?

Don’t Blow Your Chance

Remember that you can only ask for a raise so often. Once every six months is about the maximum that you can reasonably ask for a raise. So, basically, don’t blow your chance by asking for a raise too soon after you’ve just been hired. Once you ask, you need to wait a good bit, so wait as long as you can possibly hold out.

Asking Now Looks Bad

Let’s say you go ahead and ask for a raise almost immediately after you’ve been hired. You’re going to look like you don’t know anything about being professional. You were told how much you were getting when you were hired. That was the time to negotiate, not after you’ve been paid your first wages. Just sit tight and don’t sabotage yourself by asking for a raise right out of the gate.

Ask When You Can Prove You Deserve It

The first time—and the earliest time—you can ask for a raise is after you can prove you deserve it. Keep a record of your outstanding achievements from day one. Literally, write them all down somewhere. And by achievements, we mean real achievements that make you stand out, not just showing up to work on time five days in a row. Once you’ve set a good track record for yourself, gather that list and ask to see your boss. Present them with your contributions to the company, and then ask for your raise.

Remember, the time to ask for more money is before you accept the job or after you’ve earned it. Other than that, you’ll need to make do. Maybe start asking your mates to come round to your flat instead of buying rounds at the pub!