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How to Move From Non-Essential to Essential in 3 Easy Steps

One Nice Job 15 September, 2020

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought many concerns to the forefront of our thoughts. For many, those thoughts revolve around employment and what is now deemed "essential" employees. Essential employees were workers who were not sent home or let go from their jobs in the midst of the health emergency of 2020. These individuals enjoyed stable employment and income while many others were sent into the unemployment ranks.

Essential employment is now taking on a new appeal for those who are currently seeking jobs. Keep reading to find out how you can move from non-essential to essential in 3 easy steps.

Do Your Research

Essential occupations are far-reaching and varied. If you want to become trained in an essential career path, do some research to find out exactly what type of essential job will best suit you. Perhaps your current job has already prepared you in some ways. What current skills could you take on to an essential job? How much training will a new essential job require? Which types of essential jobs in your community also enjoy hazard pay? What are the risk factors involved in the job? These are important questions to ask yourself.

Get Your Training

Right now, while many communities are starting to open back up, is the best time to get the training you may need to become an essential employee. Many essential occupations are blue-collar jobs with the exception of medical staff. Blue-collar jobs often require short training periods or on the job training. What new skills do you need? Will this require a monetary investment to get a certification?

Think Up

Although blue-collar work is often less appealing to many people, many essential jobs are blue-collar. That does not mean you can't make a great income, though, as an essential worker. Think of ways you will be able to move up in this job field? Do you have management or supervisory training that could help you advance?

Essential employees benefit greatly from their job security even in the midst of a worldwide emergency. Use these tips to help you move into essential employment.