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Key Phrases to Include on CVs During COVID-19 Pandemic

One Nice Job 14 May, 2020

With all the uncertainty remaining regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are looking for different qualities while hiring. Many are, in fact, seeking candidates that display specific qualities even more than relevant work experience. Including the right keywords and phrases on your CV can make you a more attractive candidate to today’s employers.


COVID-19 has required greater adaptability from employees than any other crisis before. In fact, many employers have been called upon to encourage their staff members to work from home rather than at the office. Those who are adaptable have fared and performed much better throughout the COVID crisis, leading employers to seek candidates with this particular quality, perhaps above all others. Especially considering that once the crisis ends, many employers hope to transition back into the traditional workplace, requiring further adaptability.


Another important quality employers are looking for as many employees are working outside of the traditional office space is persistence. Employers want to know that you will stick with your task until you get it done. More importantly, they need to know that you will reach out, as is appropriate to do when you experience difficulty accomplishing certain tasks. Collaboration is a little more difficult when working from home but not at all impossible. They need to know that you will work with dedication and persistence now and when the current crisis ends.


Another word your CV needs to include to attract potential employers during the COVID-19 pandemic is “initiative.” With so many people working from home, and workforces that are operating outside the home during the current environment, employers want to know you’re not afraid to step up to the challenge in order to complete your tasks and get the job done. They don’t need employees waiting for instructions, but those who can dive in and get to work without prompting or having someone watch over them.

As employers sift through CVs today, these are the words that stand out and attract the kind of attention that will likely get you an interview, if not hired outright.