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Skills and Qualities Employers Want from College Grads

One Nice Job 20 December, 2019

A recent survey was carried out and the results showed that only about 50% of employers have confidence that recent graduates were prepared for full-time employment. Ideally, there are handfuls of skills that managers are looking for from the new college grads.

Most applicants apply for jobs and attend interviews without a clue of the skills and qualities employers are looking for. To ease the tension, here are great skills that employers say should be part of the new college grads repertoire when applying for jobs.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Today’s workplaces require skills and abilities to think critically and solve everyday issues affecting the company. Ask yourself if you can obtain, interpret, and utilize facts, knowledge, and data to arrive at the most accurate and informed decision. Even if you don't have any experience, you must have experienced something in college guess what: That still counts.

Written and Oral Communication

You must be able to articulate thoughts and ideas effectively and clearly in both oral and written forms. Your potential employers should be confident about your ability to represent their company well in all aspects. Therefore, you must have the right communication skills to express yourself and share critical ideas with your coworkers and clients. 

Teamwork and Collaboration

Employers expect their workers to be able to work in teams and stay proactive all the time. Show your potential employer that you can develop and maintain good collaborative relationships with your coworkers regardless of their cultural beliefs, religious backgrounds, age, race, and gender, in case you get hired. 

Digital Technology

Today, small and large organizations, to some extent, rely on technology to solve problems. These technologies are developed to serve everyone in the company and must be used ethically. Your potential employers want to see your ability to adapt to new technologies. Unless you convince them of this, they might have to think twice before letting you work for them.


While most people might not like the idea of becoming a leader, it is one of the many things employers are interested in. They want to see your ability to utilize the strength of others to attain specific goals. Be able to assess and manage your emotions as a leader, and leverage empathetic skills to motivate and guide your subjects. 

Final words

Now that you know which characteristics you need.If you are given a chance into an interview, make sure you display the skills highlighted in this piece to enhance your chances of being hired.