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This One Trick Will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

One Nice Job 13 July, 2020

 Everyone wants to reach their goals yesterday. The problem is most of us are continuing behaviors every day which actually keeps us away from our goals rather than bringing us closer to them. Here is some good news: there is one behavioral change you can make tomorrow that will immediately start bringing you closer to your goals. Keep reading to find out what that trick is. 

What The World's Most Successful People Know

What does Apple CEO Tim Cook, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey all have in common? Besides obviously being super-rich and successful? Well, these three individuals, along with millions of other overachievers and self-made millionaires, are already up tacking their day before 6 am. That's right before 6 am. Dwayne Johnson makes it a point to be in the gym working on that bod by 4 am in fact. If you study the world's most successful people, almost all of them have this trait in common; they are early risers.  Why do they do this?

The Magic of Early Morning

If you want to do the research, there are hundreds of studies done on why the human body is more alert in the early hours of the day. But beyond the science of it, getting up earlier gives you a distinct edge on your day. Before the emails start rolling in, before the kids and spouse start making demands, you can take some time that is just for you to focus. This time gives you the opportunity to take the reigns of your day. You have the chance to set the tone. You control the day. The day doesn't control you. 

How to Spend Early Morning

Most people find that this is the optimum time to pray, meditate, journal or invest somehow into your spirituality. This is also the best time to reflect on your goals. Evaluate what is working and what is not. What steps need to be taken. Also, equally important, this is the time to focus on your physical activity. When you dedicate some of this time to exercise you ensure that it will not be put off later in the day, and you give your body a huge dose of endorphins before the responsibilities of the day hit you. 

Try getting up earlier for one month. You don't have anything to lose, and you just might get to join the millions of overachievers who use the early morning to make their goals a reality.